Gulchekhra Inoyatova

Gulchekhra InoyatovaIn a family where Gulchekhra Inoyatova was born, the need for creative self-expression can be traced through the maternal line. One of her uncles is a well-known Tajik composer, a prominent cultural figure, who graduated from the Russian Academy of Music named after Gnesins from the class of Aram Khachaturian. Another uncle graduated from the State Institute of Theatrical Arts named after Lunacharsky, and was a brilliant comic actor, who is still remembered by admirers of his talent. All four girls in the family were involved in music: the eldest learned to play the violin, two younger – to play the piano, but only for Gulchekhra piano became a tool to determine her future life and professional activities. In 1964 at the age of seven, Gulchekhra Inoyatova entered the Republican Music School named after Tchaikovsky in Dushanbe. In 1966, a group of educators from the Central Music School for Gifted Children held selection for training in Moscow. So, after a competitive selection process, Gulchekhra was accepted to Central Music School in Moscow, which was considered to be the main and the best school in the USSR for cultivation of gifted children. Well known names of her former classmates confirm this; among them are Mikhail Pletnev, Ivo Pogorelich, Natalia Vlassenko, Alexei Utkin, Taras Buevsky, Alexei Parshin, Konstantin Zenkin and others. In 1975, after graduating from Central Music School, Inoyatova entered the piano department of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the class of Professor L. Roschina as a top ten student. After graduating from the Moscow Conservatory in 1980, she returned home to Tajikistan, where she worked as a professor in the Piano Performance Department of Tajik State Institute of Arts named after Mirzo Tursunzade until 1982. In 1982 Inoyatova entered the Moscow State Conservatory as a post-graduate student in the class of Professor, People’s Artist of the USSR, Tatyana Nikolaeva. After finishing her post-graduate degree in 1984, Gulchekhra again returned to Tajikistan, where she worked until 2000. During this period she was promoted to the position of the Head of the Department of Tajik State Institute of Arts. In 2000, Gulchekhra Inoyatova was invited to head the Department of Tambov State Musical and Pedagogical Institute named after S.V. Rachmaninoff, where her colleagues were such musicians as Professor V. K. Merzhanov, A. A. Aleksandrov and B. A. Lvov. In 2003, she was invited to Xi’an Conservatory of Music (China) as a foreign expert, and seven years later, in 2010, she was invited to the School of Music of South China Normal University in Guangzhou City, where she works at the moment.  From the beginning of her professional career and to this day, Gulchekhra Inoyatova has been actively involved in performing, teaching and social work.  


Gulchekhra Inoyatova’s extensive repertoire includes music from different eras and styles, from the classics to the latest works by composers of the modern time. She takes a keen interest in playing as orchestral music (concerts for piano and orchestra, works for Symphonic orchestra with piano) and solo programs. She is interested in playing chamber music. She also made over than 500 performance appearances. Her performance style is distinguished by fine musicianship, excellent sense of form, bright coloration and rich musical palette of sounds. Gulchekhra Inoyatova played with the best orchestras in Russia, Latvia and the CIS countries, performed concerts in Germany, Latvia, Moldova, Czech Republic, China, Hungary and other countries in Asia and Europe. Her classical repertoire includes such works as:


  • Concerto in C minor for Piano and Orchestra , K. 491
  • Concerto in C major for Piano and Orchestra, K.467
  • Concerto in A major for Piano and Orchestra, K. 488;
  • Concerto in E flat major for Two Pianos and Orchestra, K.365

L. Beethoven:

  • Concerto in C Major for Piano and Orchestra , op. 10
  • Concerto in G major for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 58 Saint-Saens:
  • Concerto in G minor for piano and orchestra , Op. 25

Ravel :

  • Concerto in G Major for Piano and Orchestra

Bartok :

  • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra #3


  • Concerto in F sharp minor for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 20

Shostakovich :

  • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 35


  • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, op.10 and others.

Recitals included works of Schubert, Schubert – Liszt, Liszt, Chopin, Schumann, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Granados, Ginastera and others. Gulchekhra Inoyatova is often the first performer and interpreter of the brightest and most important works of Tajik composers, written in the period from 1980 to 2000. Her ability to appreciate the author’s idea,  very deep understanding of the individual style of each piece, clarity of articulation, total mastery of the keyboard are often an integral component of the success of the composition.  

Performing activities

  From 1984 to 2000, during days of culture of Tajikistan and the USSR, Ms. Inoyatova performed as a soloist and chamber ensemble pianist in Moscow, Moldova, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary; at an international symposium in Samarkand, the International Festival “Tribute to Mozart” in Dushanbe, concerts Congresses and plenums of Soviet Union Composers Union and Union of Composers of Tajikistan, as well as in Kazakhstan, where she was awarded the medal “Astana” by the President Nazarbayev. As a member of the International orchestra under Fuat Mansurov, Gulchekhra Inoyatova toured all the countries of Central Asia. Performed in the Pillar Hall of the Palace of Unions (Moscow), in the Concert Hall “Rossia” (Moscow), in the Concert Hall of the Riga Philharmonic, the Grand Concert Hall of Kyrgyz Philharmonic (Bishkek), in the Concert Hall of the House of Friendship (Prague), in the All-Union House of Composers Concert Hall, the Grand Concert Hall of the Russian Gnesinyh Academy (Moscow) with works of Tajik composers, such as:

Tolib Shahidi:

  • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra # 1
  • Concerto  for Piano, Flute and Chamber Orchestra #2 ” From Avesta” ,
  • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra #3
  • Sonata for Piano #1
  • “Charkh” for two Pianos and Percussion (conductor: A. Korneev), a song cycle on poems by Omar Khayyam (soloist: Lydia Davydova)

Yunis Mamedov:

  • Music for Two Pianos and Percussion

Zarrina Mirshakar:

  • “Bytes ” for piano

Talab Sattorov:

  • Passacaglia and Toccata for Symphonic Orchestra and Piano

Lola Tolis:

  • Suite for Piano ” After perusal of Shahnameh “
  • Suite for Two Pianos “Homage to Khafiz “
  • Song Cycle ” Ashaglon “

Alisher Latifzade:

  • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra #1, 
  • Concerto for Piano and Orchestra #2 
  • “Children’s Album” for piano

The most significant works written for piano by the Tajik composers were recorded at the All-Union Radio Fund and are in permanent storage at the moment.

Orchestras: Bolshoy Symphonic Orchestra of Russia n. a. Tchaikovsky, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow Cinematography Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra of Riga Philharmonic, Symphonic Orchestra of Tashkent Philharmonic, and Symphonic Orchestra of the Tajik Philharmonic, Symphonic Orchestra of the Tambov Philharmonic, Orchestra Tajik Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Aini, etc.

Gulchelhra Inoyatova played with such conductors as Alexander Vedernikov, Sergei Skripka, Konstantin Krimets, Zahid Haknazarov, Tolepbergen Abdrashev, Eldar Azimov, Aziz Niyazmamadov, Beron Merobov, Victor Kostryzh, Alexander Korneev, Dmitry Vasiliev, Alexander Shadrin, Alexander Pautkin etc.

For creative achievements and contributions to the development of Tajik professional music, Gulchekhra Inoyatova was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan.

During her work in Xi’an Conservatory of Music (2003 – 2010, China), Inoyatova also played regular recitals. While working in the city of Guangzhou, China (2010- present) Inoyatova was invited to attend the International Festival “Bahoriston” in the Republic of Tajikistan (2011) for recitals performing.

In 2014 Inoyatova was invited to take part in International Keyboard Odyssiad and Festival U.S.A. (IKOF)and serve as a judge for International Piano Competition. 

 She also performs with recitals and chamber concerts with students of her class, with young and leading teachers in the Piano Department in «Xinghai» Guangzhou City Concert Hall and University Concert Hall.  

Among performed pieces: Brahms Variations on a Theme by Haydn for two Pianos, op.56 Debussy Suite for Two Pianos “In white and black» Astor Piazzolla Tango Rachmaninoff 6 Pieces for Piano 4 hands, Op. 11   Inoyatova’s recitals program included works of Mozart, Schubert, Schubert, Liszt, Chopin, Schumann, Granados, Ginastera. Gulchekhra Inoyatova shows interest in music of contemporary music composers. Composition “Waterfall” written by a Chinese composer Guo Hechu, received the first prize at the National Theoretical Composition Competition for University Professional Teachers  

Pedagogical and social activities

  Gulchekhra Inoyatova is a successful educator with over than 30 years of experience in higher educational institutions of Russia, China and Tajikistan. She spearheaded the piano departments in the universities of Tajikistan and Russia. In Dushanbe, Inoyatova used to be a member of the University’s Academic Council, a member of the University Administration, a Chairman of Attestation Commission, Chairman of the piano state commission of piano performance of the Republican School of Music named after Z. Shakhidi, the Republican College of Music of Dushanbe and Khujand city, Tajikistan. In Tambov (Russia), she was a member of the Academic Council of the university, a member of the University Administration and a member of the piano state commission. In 2002, by the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Gulchekhra Inoyatova was awarded the title of Professor of Piano. Inoyatova participated in work of various scientific conferences; she is the author of the program “Contemporary repertoire” for Music universities in the direction 522501 “Musical Performance”, specialization 0509.01 “Piano», Tambov, 2002. Also, in collaboration with Professor of Russian Academy of Music A. Alexandrov, developed a program “Piano”, a program for music universities in the direction 522501 “Musical Art”, a specialty 050900 “Musical Performance”, specialization 0509.01 “Piano”. While working in the Xi’an Conservatory of Music, Professor Inoyatova supervised students, postgraduates and young teachers of the Piano Department. Almost all the students became winners of different piano competitions at various levels: university, regional and international. For the first time in 60 – year history of the Xi’an Conservatory, Inoyatova’s student was awarded first prize at the International Piano Competition in Japan. Students who enrolled in Gulchekhra Inoyatova’s class were admitted in Conservatory of Beijing, Shanghai Conservatory, Manhattan High School of Music, Eastman School of Music, Juilliard School, London Royal Academy of Music etc. Ten teachers in the Piano Department Piano in the Xi’an Conservatory at different times were students of Professor Inoyatova. Throughout the period of work in the conservatory, Inoyatova was awarded the diploma of “The Prominent teacher” several times. Professor Inoyatova worked in the jury of various piano competitions, including CCTV competitions (China Central Television), held regular master classes. Gulchekhra Inoyatova is often invited to participate in and conduct master classes, such as:

First International Master Classes in Issyk-Kul , conducted by an international charitable foundation ” Meerim ” in 1997

International Master Classes within the program “New Names”, Suzdal, Russia 1997

International Rachmaninoff courses of higher artistic  pianistic skill in Tambov, Russia 1999

Invited to work in the national jury of the state piano competitions in Tajikistan  and International Piano competitions in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Participated in the Summer Bach Academy , Stuttgart , Germany

Received a DAAD scholarship and took intensive courses at the Higher School of Music in Frankfurt am Main, Germany 1999

Took refresher courses at the Moscow State Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky; Professor:  Tatiana Nikolaeva

Was one of the organizers (1993) and the first chairman of the union of the creative intelligentsia and youth ” Mehrafruz “, which task was to support young talents in Tajikistan.  Its work included monthly concerts and lectures with the involving of the best forces of artistic youth.

Actively worked in the Bureau of Propaganda of Contemporary Music inTajikistan.

Prof. Inoyatova regularly conducts master classes and gets invited to work in the jury of piano competitions in China, USA, Russia, Hong Kong and Central Asian countries.